Monday, August 13, 2007

What can make a hippopotamus smile?

Being tiny, of course!

I met a pygmy hippopotamus at Lincoln Park Zoo the week before last and knew right away that I have to have one. They are at most 1/2 as tall as their regular-sized counterparts and weigh 1/4 as much. The third picture above is to give a sense of scale-that is a regular style hippo on the left and a pygmy on the right. Picture #2 is a mama and baby who currently reside at the Louisville Zoo. Picture #1 is from the London Zoo.

In case anyone is confused about what happened to Japanese Cute Day... I've taken over and made this Random Week. The rest of this week's cute I am going to leave up to our faithful cute-viewers out there... if you have any cuddly artifacts that you would like to see on here, please email them here. Thanks!!


Sophia Varcados said...

I love pygmy hippos - there is one that perpetually cruises one of the primate exhibits at Brookfeild zoo. The bottom of the exhibit is like a large shallow pool, and the hippo glides along, half submerged. Thank you for managing the site - I like free week!

Christine said...

I like the little chubby slippery baby with its mama. Can you imagine holding one? "Honey, can you get the phone, I've got the baby hippo!"

Zoe said...

Can we post another water animal this week? Like a otter? Pygmt Hippos are pretty cute.