Monday, August 6, 2007

fox in eastern Asian landscape

(click on image to view it at a larger size)

So this fox may or may not have been originated by a Japanese artist (facts awaiting verification), but he is certainly cute-ing there now. The Google experience, thoroughly enjoyable to begin with, has now been made 1,000,000,000 times better. "Google" itself has become a verb, but this new iGoogle Fox 1.0 technology deserves its own. Fooxgle? Cutegle? Any suggestions?

Stay tuned for another contest... (hint: start stockpiling origami paper)


Sophia Varcados said...

so completely cute - late at night my fox plays his little lute/guitar thing and the woodland folk come to listen. I wonder what he does at 3:00 am? Can we post a close-up of his face?

Michael said...

COOL! I saw a cute raccoon today coming back from the doctor's office in Sandwich, IL. Of course, he was on the roadside... dead (the raccoon, not my doctor). Gee, I hope the censors don't delete my comment!

Anonymous said...

raccoon week was last week. This is fox week.

button said...

Even Eric, my jaded husband in black, loves the Google fox, and showed him to me when he appeared.