Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Rilakkuma (リラックマ, literally a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax and the Japanese word for bear; also called Relaxuma and Rirakkuma) is a Japanese character produced by the San-X company. He is a brown bear who lives in the house of an office lady (OL) named Kaoru. True to his name, Rilakkuma greatly enjoys relaxing. He is often accompanied by Korilakkuma, who is a smaller white bear with a mischievous personality, and Kiiroitori, a yellow bird who plays a tsukkomi role. Korilakkuma frequently plays pranks on Rilakkuma when he is sleeping.

Rilakkuma has been increasing in popularity since his debut in 2003. Recently celebrating his 3rd anniversary, San-X introduced many new items depicting the cute character in celebration. Related items include pastry marketed under Rilakkuma Cafe brand. Available to fans through online retailers, this adorable little bear is becoming a regular face in many homes around the world.

from none other than our most reliable and well used source, Wikipedia.

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