Thursday, November 8, 2007

Aqua Oops

Before they even hit Land of Cute, Aqua Dots were pulled off of shelves for unfortunate results produced by putting them in one's mouth. Another apparent defect is that they don't photograph well (see above image).

However, no matter how harmful they are when swallowed, we Land of Cuters feel Aqua Dots at least deserve a Cute Salute as their ship goes down. May a better, safer, cuter version be released soon.


Christine said...

If they were just sugar dots, then everyone would be happy!

button said...

There goes all my ideas for X-mas gifts for my nieces and nephews. No toys from China, no aqua-dots....I'm just getting everyone sticks.

Maddog said...

I say who is going to be the first one to suck on or ingest a few before they are destroyed....come on! dig them out of those tubs and toychests...maybe it would be a cheap thrill.