Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor, who turned 91 in the year 2006, is one of America’s best-known and beloved illustrators. Her first little story, Pumpkin Moonshine, was published in 1938.
Subsequently she has illustrated nearly one hundred books, the most recent being The Corgiville Christmas, released in 2003. She has received many awards and honors, including Caldecott Honors for Mother Goose and 1 is One. She illustrates and owns Corgis, which are cutey-cute.


Christine said...

Ms. Tudor is an absolute Treasure. You've chosen one of her sweetest illustrations here. And a bonus photo of a corgi puppy! Lovely entry today. Makes me want to watch Take Joy: The Magical World of Tasha Tudor again.

Sophia Varcados said...

Yep - she is a treasure. Apparently, her "Corgiville Christmas" is really delightful.