Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dunk him in my Coffee

The mouse lemur is the smallest lemur, and I recently learned that it is very important in the pollination of the baobab tree. It eats the moths which are the base pollinator, but in eating them, gets covered with the pollen they have already collected, and spreads it to the next flower. The baobab itself is a wonder - its' flowers open in less than a minute in the night. I think I saw all of this on Planet Earth - anyone else see it?


Christine said...

Crazy cute in a too-much-coffee kind of way!

Oliv just read about baobab trees this morning and showed me another cute illustration of these cuties.

Holly said...

way to go, mouse lemurs!!

button said...

Which Planet Earth? I'm thinking Great Plains. If you dunk him in your coffee, you'll wash off all the pollen, denying the Baobab of its needs.