Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Racoon Subway Entrance

Our town has a new subway system, to promote public transportation. Unfortunately, low funding has dictated that it be only available to Racoons. Stops along the line include:
Across the street
Down the block
Near the river
Two blocks away
Near the gas station


concerned mother said...

...but can kids ride free on Sunday???

Holly said...

They need to work on the subway exits. They are a bit... er... small?

Linda said...

That is really cute, even if it is yukky racoons.

Zoe said...

One..two..three lined up in a row makes pretty good cute!

Christine said...

Wait till Maria sees this one!
Triple the cute!

three little faces
peek out in the morning sun
watch out for bike tires

Christine said...

Hello, hello, hello!

I still haven't had a chance to show Maria. Maybe tomorrow (Fri). They are just so, so cute!

Maria said...

They're just like little babies coming out of their home peeking out their sweet little heads!