Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Land of Cute mission statement as told in Aranzi Machine Gun Vol.1

This is installment 1 of 5 of the story "Cute Expedition" from Aranzi Machine Gun Vol. 1. This explains exactly why we do what we do here at the Land of Cute. It's all for you, my friends. Your lives are at stake, and we are here for you!


Sophia Varcados said...

I once did not get a cute Hello Kitty that I wanted at Target, and had to be taken to the ER, where they treated me with pink lemonade and frosted circus cookies.

Anonymous said...

I really like cute stuff, but I don't know if I would die without it. My favorite cute right now is my Webkinz polar bear

Anonymous said...

I love this it explains so much about the differences between the sexes. I am reading a book about love in Edwardian times and this sort of bald statement of principles in the raising/socialization of women makes perfect sense in that historical context...This is probably a more academic comment than you expected, but hey...

Christine said...

Thank you, Land of Cute, for continuing to bring the cute. As you know, I love the real life cute. Nothing produces a more genuine, "Awww!" than a photo of a small, young, and preferably furry something.

Oh, and thanks for the heads up about the poll that's taking place. Readers, be sure and find it on the Land of Cute home page in the side bars. Vote right now!

Christine said...

Ahhh! I can't decide betweeen bunny and kitty. Impossible to pick. I'm going to sleep on it. The idea, that is. I'm not going to squish a sweet little animal.

Anonymous said...

I'm a boy and I need cute stuff too - or else I might explode. We wouldn't want to have that happen.

Anonymous said...

Before Land of Cute, I suffered from lack of cute. I would get confused and think strange things were cute. Thanks for saving me and setting me on the correct path of proper cute appreciation.

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