Monday, June 4, 2007

It may not be easy being green, but it's cute

Real Name: Hasu No Ue Keroppi (Keroppi on the Lily Pad) Birthday: July 10

Always off on an adventure, this fearless, fun-loving frog is the star of Donut Pond. Keroppi lives there with his siblings Koroppi and Pikki (They are triplets). Singing and swimming are his specialties.


button said...

Where did these guys come from? Even the flies wouldn't mind be eaten by these cuties.

Christine said...

What does 'ribbit' sound like in Japanese?

Sophia Varcados said...

Afrikaans: kwaak-kwaak
Arabic (Algeria): gar gar
Catalan: cru�-cru�
Chinese (Mandarin): guo guo
Dutch: kwak kwak
English (USA): ribbit
English (GB): croak
Finnish: kvak kvak
French: coa-coa
German: quaak, quaak
Hebrew: kwa kwa
Hungarian: bre-ke-ke
Italian: cra cra
Japanese: kerokero
Korean: gae-gool-gae-gool
Russian: kva-kva
Spanish (Spain): cru�-cru�
Spanish (Argentina): berp
Spanish (Peru): croac, croac
Swedish: kvack
Thai: ob ob (with high tone)
Turkish: vrak vrak
Ukrainian: kwa-kwa

Holly said...

I want to live on Donut Pond.

Christine said...

So what do German ducks say, then?

Anonymous said...
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baby bunny said...

Ya - der Quacksalber

button said...

Ja, gut, die quackenspiel!