Monday, June 11, 2007


Hamtaro is a golden hamster with an insatiable curiosity. He is the cute and cuddly pet of fifth-grader Laura. His birthday is August 6, his height is 8.6 cm, and he is a Leo.

Together with the "Ham-Ham Friends," a bunch of hamsters as clever and unique as Hamtaro himself, Hamtaro lives each day as a whole new adventure...complete with fun, excitement, and friendship.

Some ham-ham words for your enjoyment: Atata: "I can't believe it happened. Oh no, I have been had." Bye-Q: "good-bye." Chick-ah-chick-ah-chick-ah: "The walking or running sound made by hamsters." Hamm-Hamm: "Sound used when eating; but also used when hamsters are being petted."



button said...

Yeah!!! I'm a Leo, too. Lydia and Caleb are big fans. If only my pet had "Save the Day" on her To Do list. Instead, Violet's list looks something like this: sleep, kill bird, eat bird, sleep, climb tree, chase squirrel, sleep, argue with neighbor cats, eat, sleep, poop in garden, sleep.

Holly said...

Well, we all have our goals I guess... :) She did fertilize your garden, so that's good.

Sophia Varcados said...

I love Hamtaro. Hamtaro rocks. Hamtaro kicks b--t!!!ALOHA BABY

Anonymous said...

It got sad. T.T