Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yearnin' for Yoda

Green skin, wrinkly forehead, wispy barely-there hair, bulgy eyes, serious (borderline grumpy) expression… on paper it seems impossible that a creature bearing this description could ever find its way to the Land of Cute. But thanks to his endearing personality, voice a la Frank Oz, and clever merchandising, Yoda has broken down all of the barriers and blazed a trail into the cute recesses of our hearts.


Button said...

Have you seen Gary from Spongebob? He definitely deserves a glimpse through the cuteescope.

Anonymous said...

Okay - I love Gary. I'll post him. Good idea! And how about that puffer fish from Finding Nemo?

Christine said...

When I first saw that Thursday was "surprisingly cute" day, I understood it to mean, "you won't believe how cute!" But it's more like "you won't believe it, but it is cute!" Maybe "unexpectedly cute" day?