Friday, April 11, 2008

California Dreamin'

(from Legoland California, found on flickr)

(from cute with chris)

(california pottery elephant)

Sophia left us for California today for a week! In her honor I googled "California Cute" (don't try this at home, you may get some scary results) and this is what google and I came up with.


Sophia Varcados said...

what an odd menagerie of cute. the bunnies are extra cute. but i like the bathroom signs. i can onluy imagine what california cute pulled up.its sooo pretty out here right now...but i hear its, uh, illinois

Christine said...

I like the Lego signs, too. And the white, curious bunny.

Hi Sophia!

How's the new digs, Holly?

Holly said...

I love our new place, thanks! It's very cozy :) We just planted some little leafy greens in some indoor planters this weekend so now we have "pets" too!