Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bernese baby

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies!

A tri-colored dog of large size, the “Berner” (as they are often called) stands 23 to 27.5 inches (58-70 cm) at the withers; breed standards for this breed normally specify no weight, but the usual range is 65 to 120 pounds. The breed is instantly recognized by its distinctive tri-color pattern: body, neck, legs, head and ears are solid black; cheeks, stockings and thumbprints (or ghost eyes) are rust or tan; toes, chest, muzzle, tail tip and blaze between the eyes white. The pattern is rigid and varies only slightly in the amount of white. A perfectly-marked individual gives the impression of a white “Swiss cross” on the chest, when viewed from the front in sitting position. The eyes are an expressive dark brown and are almond shaped. Male Bernese mountain dogs are normally larger in size than females but both genders are extremely strong.


Holly said...

What a sweetie! I wish puppies could stay puppies forever. I guess that's why I have a chihuahua.

anitaj said...

I like those puffer fish below, but I think most are poisonous to man -- not so cute.

These puppies are adorable. I like how their markings are all basically the same.

Christine said...

I know someone who raises this kind of dog. These puppies are so tumbly-cute, but they get BIG!