Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We love Olive and her penguin buddy

The Story

This is a very simple story of Olive the dog who after hearing the words of a song All of the other reindeer thought she heard Olive the other reindeer.

"Olive the Reindeer," said Olive. "I thought I was a dog. Hmmm, I must be a Reindeer!"

She stopped wrapping Christmas gifts and headed to the North Pole to help Santa. Olive arrived just in time and took her place in the line-up, with Comet using an extra piece of ribbon to tie her in safe and tight.

With the reindeer watching their strange new addition they crashed into a tall tree and while Olive was able to chew them loose, a small tear happened in Santa's bag.

They lost some gumdrops and some flutes too, but Olive was able to help retrieve them as Santa patched the sack and they off once again to deliver to all the good children.

Once the delivering was done, they started to head for home when a fog made it difficult to navigate. Santa remembered that dogs were super smellers and Olive would be able to smell Mrs. Claus's cookies baking. He asked Olive to guide his sleigh that morning.

Olive earned her antlers that day and went outside with the other reindeer to play reindeer games.


Maddog said...

I have always loved Olive and thanks for her putting deservedly in the center of Land of Cute...all of us could use a little touch of Olive in our lives...

Linda said...

I like that story - its so cute!